We provide our clients with the best possible solution for each project, thinking dynamically to achieve the best practice results. All our works operate under an Integrated Management System (IMS) which has been implemented and successfully audited on Federally Funded projects.

Apex Rail personnel are provided with extensive specialised training and understand the challenges of working on an operational railway and the RTO safety requirements.

Promoting a strong health, safety and environmental culture, Apex Rail delivers projects by living the following principles:


Ensuring personnel are

trained and competent

in their tasks and roles.


Ensuring projects are

carefully planned and

executed in line with

that plan.


Ensuring plant and equipment are appropriately selected

for each task and maintained

to a high level.


Ensuring that when change occurs, the safety and environmental risks are re-assessed and new controls implemented accordingly.

The IMS is independently certified by QMS against national and international standards for occupational health and safety (ISO AS/NZS 45001:2018), environmental (ISO AS/NZS 14001:2015) and quality assurance (ISO AS/NZS 9001:2015).

Apex Rail as part of its Risk Management process uses the IMS to ensure appropriate planning of all operations. This is demonstrated by the development of a Project Management Plan which is developed for each individual project. This plan covers all areas within each project to ensure compliance with all quality, safety, environmental and client requirements.  

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