Apex Rail is passionate about leading innovation and change within the Australian rail industry, seeking to provide our clients with alternative project solutions and technology that improves productivity and efficiency.


The specialised sleeper straightener is an innovative machine that allows one operator to straighten skewed sleepers.

The machine is equipped with reference lasers for ease of the operator to distinguish which sleepers need to be straightened. Joysticks are used to control and activate the cribbing tools to displace any ballast and allow the tie to move laterally. Joysticks also control the straightening tools, squaring up the sleeper.


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ZÖLLNER - Mobile Radio Warning System

APEX RAIL is the Australian agent for ZÖLLNER -Mobile Radio Warning System (MRWS), which can be used as an Automatic Track Warning System (ATWS) or Lookout Operated Warning System (LOWS). 

To learn more about the systems, sales, leasing or full management of safeworking solutions please contact the office.


Apex Rail owns and operates the first high production track mounted rail saw in Australia. 

Having been used in the USA for over 20 years, Apex Rail was seeking ways of improving safety of its personnel, whilst also maximising productivity. 


The Meadoweld RS-98 high production rail saw achieves both these.  Cutting the rail in 35 seconds whilst the operator stands clear controlling the unit via remote, places them out of the line of fire, and thus eliminating a key hazard in the rail environment